Reading Group 2012 - 2013

 9/13/2012     The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

10/ 4/2012     Annie Freeman's Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish

11/ 1/2012     The Widower's Tale by Julia Glass

12/ 6/2012     Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang

 1/ 3/2013     The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

 2/ 7/2013     My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Olivia

 3/ 7/2013     The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield

 4/ 4/2013     Angle of Repose by Wallace Stenger or A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell (TBD at later date)

 5/ 2/2013     How It All Began by Penelope Lively